Glass: EEG

Resistance is futile…

Today we checked if Glass can be used with the hardware of Smartphone Brain Scanner (Emocap) without much interference.

The setup was with a full 14-channel cap and recording on an Android tablet, with a 20Hz blinking pattern showed on a video on a computer screen that participant attended through the Glass (roughly matching the Glass screen size).

The resulting power spectrum from O2 electrode shows a nice peak around 20Hz when stimulus (flicker) was on and no peak with stimulus off. There is no no significant difference between Glass being off and on (idle).

Glass should be well compatible with EEG recording, and since we get a nice strong signal from a single electrode from a visual stimulus, we should be able to build something really interesting.

Next step: stimulus directly from Glass  (and maybe user response?).

Glass off.
Glass on.


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