Glass: Beginning


I finally got myself Google Glass. One of the gadgets I’m really excited about, as new smartphones, tablets, or even smartwatches have not been really bringing anything new to the table recently. This one is different.

I want to write about the experience of using it as a personal device, the way it was designed. But I am even more excited to explore the privacy dimension; I do not think it changes the objective privacy concerns significantly, but it makes people react strongly and start asking ‘are you recording me’?  Can we learn from those reactions about the privacy in general? After all, recording the video is just one possible, not even that insanely interesting, channel.

And can we do something truly better with Glass and other wearables? By better, I mean not finding cat images faster, but improve the way we work together as a society. So far we haven’t been very successful with all the communication channels, with a smartphone in almost every pocket (in developed countries that is). Do instant access into people’s eye changes anything? Will it solve problems of epidemics, global warming, and hunger?


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