UBhave in-N-out

Last week, on October 9 I went  for a few hours to London to participate in UBhave conference. It was a kick-off event for UBhave project on the theme of “Making Multidisciplinary Research Work”.

UBhave is a really cool project (http://ubhave.org/) focused on mobile phones and social networks used for behavior  changing interventions. Can you make people exercise more, socialize, or generally improve their quality of life thanks to access to the data about them, ability to do almost-real-time research, and direct feedback channel (in a form of smartphone apps, sms, social network posts etc.)?

Some great speakers at the conference (http://ubhave.org/conference2012/), including Prof. Kevin Patrick from UCSD (advisor of Ernesto Ramirez @e_ramirez, a well-known Quantified Self life hacker) and Dr Niels Rosenquist from Mass General, co-author of one of the coolest social media analysis projects ever (Pulse of the Nation).

It was really fun to see the common ground for both my projects (Smartphone Brain Scanner and SensibleDTU, more about the latter soon). We are living in times when brain scanning people and social network people can (start to) talk the same language. Über-exciting.


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