SmartphoneBrainScanner2: part III

Finally, a little peace in-between periods of craziness.

Two months ago SmartphoneBrainScanner2 went open source and found home at The source is there, the wiki is there and even some bugs start appearing. It’s awesome to see how the project starts to be alive, escaping your own machine into the wild.

The code is open. As much as it can: there is a single binary blob, required if you want to use Emotiv Epoc hardware. Having all the algorithms and pipelines open is extremely important, not only because you want people to be able to contribute to your project. To be serious about the results, black-boxes are seldom a good idea, especially if software and methodology is far from being mature.

What can SmartphoneBrainScanner2 currently do? Well, it allows you to build applications in Qt (4.x but 5.x should also work) that will run on various platforms/devices. Our focus is on mobile devices, primarily Android. Yes, we use Qt for Android and except for occasional bugs we find, everything works amazingly well. With the intensification of work from Digia on Qt for Android and iOS, we are starting to feel that the initial decision about going Qt was the future-proof one.

How have those two months of having SBS2 on google code been? We went live July 25, and since then we had 971 visitors. Not bad for a, let’s be honest, niche project. And it seems that the attention is getting less dependent on the announcements (spikes in the early phases).

Of course, it is not really the website traffic that counts for the project, but how it is used. And lot of really fun stuff is currently being done with SBS2. Different hardware, new algorithms and applications. And I hope life will be calm enough to write about them.


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